7 days to D(orchester) Day!

In the second of our blogs aimed particularly at first timers the lead up to the Dorchester Dash Triathlon we will look at some dos and don’ts in the last 7 day…


Smash yourself training. Trust us, nothing you do this week will make you faster (research suggests it takes 4-6 weeks for the body to fully take on board training loads) but you could make yourself slower!

Panic. Don’t try any new kit or anything you haven’t practiced on race day.

“Carbo load”. The body is very efficient at hanging on to extra carbohydrate by converting it to fat. With appropriate rest and tapering (see below) and just eating normally the body will have adequate stocks of Fuel. Anything over those needs is likely to be laid down as body fat.


“Taper”. Keep training in the week up to the race, reduce the volume but train at the same intensity. Short sessions in each discipline will keep your body ready to race without being worn out.

Keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water each day to ensure your body is topped up. You may visit the loo more at first but the body should start to retain more.

Practice Transitions. Visualise what you will do, once you have that in your head lay out your kit and practice getting ready for the bike leg. For the second transition, again, lay out kit ready, go for a short bike ride then quickly change when you get back. Go out for about a 10 min run. These practices should help you to work out what order to do things in.

Arrive early on race day, make sure you take the time to….

*learn which way you come out of the pool

*where your bike is racked

*where you have to go to get out on the bike

*where you need get on and off the bike

* where you have to run out of transition.