Festive Training

As we come to the climax of the Festive season you may be wondering how you are going to manage to fit in training as well as all the events and family time involved.

The answer is: Unless you have an A race in early January then DON’T PANIC!

If you have been training consistently  then you will probably benefit from the break.

If you stop training completely then for the first 3 days your body will probably become fitter and stronger, tired muscles will replenish, your body will finish adaptations to the training you have already done and you will appreciate  the rest.

It is only after 5 full days of not training that there will be any reduction in your fitness levels, even then it will be minimal and not worth stressing about

If you haven’t been training consistently then don’t try to use this period to jam in more training than you have been doing even if you have more time off than usual. It is better to restart in the New Year with fresh resolve than risk injury by packing sessions in.

So either way take the opportunity to chill out, refresh mind and body and enjoy the time with the family with a clear conscience!

Happy Christmas!

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