Our Philosophy

Be YOUR best!

We will put you at the centre of our work rather than hand down what you must do because it works for us – that is not the path to success because what works for us might not for you.

While coaches will dazzle you with age group wins, podiums, high places etc. we know that the vast majority of people start with the aspiration just to finish (which is a very healthy attitude and a perfectly acceptable approach!) and anything else is a bonus.

WE can help you to do much better than that but we are normal people like you, we juggle training with busy working lives and have to sacrifice to achieve our goals. We understand the issues that face a budding athlete whether looking to a first sprint or IRONMAN race.

Our personalised training plans work with the time that YOU have to give to training and with your limiting factors. We aim to make the best use of your time with high quality focussed training sessions and aiming to avoid “Junk” miles.

We understand the issues that face the “older” athlete and will work with YOU to achieve goals that you thought impossible. We have done it so we know how hard it is, that there are dark times and good times, early starts and late finishes but IT IS WORTH IT! We will be with you every step of the way.