“Your Training plans have really focused my efforts and will certainly have long term benefits.  In any case as I have got older cross training is really beneficial to “save” joint damage from always running

My cycling has definitely improved as a result of your advice and Training schedules. In particular I have learnt the benefit of using a higher gear and keeping the legs spinning.

My aim in the last 12 months was to do the best I could as a V70 Triathlete (which I have done thanks to you)



Peter, Ironman 70.3 Turkey Age Group Winner at age 70

“I can’t recommend this service highly enough. If you have just started any running/cycling/swimming, are getting repeated injuries or not moving forward or attaining your goals try this service. David Lester and Lindsay Beale have a mountain of knowledge and have helped both myself and Nigel enormously with our running, and now cycling, with their expert advice. So many people give up or get injured because they are training incorrectly when that can be limited if you get the right advice.”

“Credit where credit is due and I know it was my little legs and Nigel’s long legs doing the hard work today and in training but we’ve had so much support and advice from David Lester and Lindsay Beale both in our running and our cycling. Nigel ran this year’s race [Bournemouth Half Marathon 2016] NINE minutes faster than last year’s race, which wouldn’t have been possible without their coaching. Thanks guys ?”

Rachael, Dorchester

‘I found David’s running assessment very useful.  David’s use of slow-motion video was particularly helpful as it allowed us to take a good look at exactly how my foot impacts the ground.  David gave me some transformative advice on how to move my arms during running which, having followed it in my next long run, has had a very positive effect.  David also took the time to analyse the video afterwards and follow up with some further advice on posture.  Very good value for money.’

Mel, Dorchester

“Hi David,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your training service.  I feel that I’ve made terrific progress and am so much more confident in completing the half marathon. Your programme has really given me the structure and motivation to push myself, become stronger and has increased my endurance. I definitely feel that I have a good structure and discipline after your valued support, to take forward.
Thank you so much again,
Kind regards

“just to let you know I had a super day today running with my boy up in the Blue Mountains! decided to hit the 16km with a little gusto and am super happy with my performance .. much better for the weeks of advice and direction from you guys .. Loved running with Gav who plucked the whole thing from three runs to pace me home strong up the hills and happy! Yes! a big smile on my face! the total exact result I was after! hehe we even managed a bunch of pics along the way and still finishing pretty high up the field! ? thank yooooooooo! ps forgot to stop my watch we did 1.47 something and then dashed off for a sausage sandwich and a cider (australia’s somerset was the location) xxx”

From Shelley in Australia

“Thanks David – couldn’t have done it without your help and advice. I was really pleased with what I achieved – only held up by a stitch after I stopped for the loo at 20 miles. Enjoyed most of it and my finish was on TV as I was just in front of a celeb! xx”

Sarah (First time and nervous Marathon Runner: London 2017)